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Andrew Wright, Musical Director. A Celebratory Concert

On the 15th of December 2018 the Brentwood Choirs Festival organised and performed Handel's Messiah in Brentwood Cathedral Essex UK. This concert celebrated Andrew Wright having achieved forty years as Musical Director, mostly at Brentwood Cathedral but with a shorter spell of two years as Assistant Director at Westminter Cathedral in London. A new initiative by the BCF was to give the chance for anyone who either knew they were capable of 'singing along' in the Messiah or who were ready to have a really good try. These brave souls had to to perform in public in the evening after taking part in just one afternoon rehearsal. They and the regular BCF choirs sang joyfully in this great work. Accompanying the choirs was the ELMS orchestra which has taken part in many BCF concerts in the past few years. The soloists included two who have regularly sung with the BCF. The following link takes you to Brentwood Cathedral's Website Brentwood Cathedral

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Andrew Wright Profile of Handel Background to Messiah Soloists and Orchestra Picture Gallery for Event

Poster for the event and Introduction by David Worsfold.

BCF poster November  2018

Introduction by the Chairman of the BCF

Celebrating 40 years of musical service

Over the years there have been many performances of Messiah in Brentwood Cathedral but tonightís performance is particularly special because it is to celebrate the enormous contribution that Andrew Wright has made to Cathedral music, here and in Westminster, as a director, teacher, conductor, organist and composer over the last 40 years

The choir tonight has come together especially for this perfomance and contains many who have worked with Andrew over the years and have benefited from his immense range of musical talents. He has enriched the musical life of Brentwood Cathedral and the town over the last three-and-half decades in so many ways that we are grateful to have this opportunity to say thank you by singing a work that we know Andrew always enjoys conducting. He never fails to get the very best out of every man and woman singing or playing Handelís wonderful music. We are sure tonight will be no exception.


Thank you all for coming to share in this special musical thank you to Andrew and thank you to The People Who Made To-night Possible: To-nightís concert would not have been possible without the support, advice and help of many people, in particular:The Trustees of the Brentwood Diocesan Cathedral and The Choral Trust for their very generous financial support:Worsfold Media Services for financial support and production of the posters and programme: Fr Martin Boland, Dean of the Cathedral, for the use of the Cathedral:Margaret MacLeay for her unstinting support and advice

David Worsfold

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