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This page presents concert events in two categories: The Brentwood Choirs Festival, and concert events planned for participating choirs on their own or in other combinations. The individual choir's events will occur throughout the season and are listed in date order as far as that is possible. There is no reason why the choral events of choirs which are not currently part of the BCF community should not also be listed and we would be pleased to hear from such choirs, particularly those in the Brentwood area. (Other non-choral classical musical events in the Brentwood area could also be presented.)

A Special BCF Sponsored Event - Sing Along in the Cathedral - Handel's Messiah


A specially formed choir to be named 'The Anniversary Choir' will rehearse and perform this most famous of works on the afternoon of Saturday the 15th December 2018.
The occasion will be a celebration of Andrew Wright's 40 years as a Cathedral musician. He has been Director of Music at Brentwood Cathedral since 1982 and before that was the Assistant Director of Music at Westminster Cathedral. The rehearsal will be from 2pm to 5pm in Brentwood Cathedral and the performance at 7 pm the same day.

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Please click the image above to see the detail of how you can join in. Please come for a great singing experience.

Non Singing Audience for Performance at 7pm.

You will be very important, cheering on the recruited, brave one day singers. 'Audience only' tickets are going on sale priced 12, unreserved, and 6 all concessions. They will be available on the door and from the Brentwood Cathedral Music Office as follows:- Address: Cathedral House, Ingrave Road, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8AT. Telephone: 01277 265288. Mobile: 07770 968812. Fax: 01277 265264. Email: music@dioceseofbrentwood.org

Poster Placement Please

We would be very pleased if you could place a poster(s) for this event somewhere where potential audience are likely to be found. To do so, please click the symbolic Messianic image below.

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Recent Past Brentwood Choirs Festival Events - Archive

Links to achives of BCF concerts will be found below. Please click the images.

Events of the Constituent Choirs

The set of image links presented below enable you to find information on the choral events of the constituent choirs and associated choirs, both future and recent past. Clicking a choir name will open a new window with the detail. (Because the choirs cooperate, there is overlap between the sets of events presented. ) A visit to the chosen choir's own website is recommended, to be sure that the information given here is up to date.

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