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Downloads and Links

This is a page for viewing the currently available downloads relevant to the BCF activity and for actioning a download. Links given on other pages of this website will probably have directed you here.

Concert Background and Images Verdi Requiem 2013

The objective of this download file is to enable you obtain off-line viewing of information and images which describe a BCF concert held in Brentwood Cathedral UK on November 23rd 2013. The download comes in the form of a file which can be read in an e-reader such as Google's Readium - in single page mode. The file format is 'epub3', which provides for both reflowable and fixed content, one suitable for mixed text and images. The file has been optimized for Google's Readium, but it will operate in other e-readers, although the presentation may be different. In iBooks, the best presentation is probably when the scrolling mode is chosen: Kobo reads it well on iPad and will expand images to full screen when the page is double clicked. Kindle will not read epub3 files. In most e-readers there is a contents list using links, and a seach facility. Files can be addressed to iBooks and Kobo on iPad through file handling applications such as Dropbox and Goodreader.

Download an epub file for e-readers, by clicking the following link: November 2013 Verdi Requiem Concert

When you click the above link, your browser will hopefully invite you to save the file to your downloads directory, and that is the option you should choose. It can then be read into your e-reader from the download directory. Firefox will open the epub file directly if the appropriate reader plug-in is installed. In the case of Google Chrome, the BCF Website Editor has found that entering the text www.brentwoodchoirs.org.uk/bcf_verdi_requiem_2013.epub into Chrome's address bar is the best way to secure a download.

More downloads coming.......

As 2014 progresses we will post more downloads (for example, items associated with posters, tickets and sponsorship.)