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Brentwood Choirs Festival

Aims of the Brentwood Choirs Festival

Essex is a centre of cultural excellence and there are many good amateur choirs in the county. However it is not always possible for the smaller choirs to perform larger scale works with full orchestral accompaniment. With this problem in mind, the Brentwood Choirs Festival was founded in 1991 and it has since given performances with combined choirs every two years.The venue has been Brentwood Cathedral in all but one year. Until 2005 the biennial event was called the Five Choirs Festival, since five choirs from Brentwood and the surrounding area helped found the Festival, contributed singers and held preparatory rehearsals under their respective conductors. This title was found to be somewhat limiting, and in 2005 it was changed to the Brentwood Choirs Festival with the same aims and ambitions and the event has continued with great success.

Aim of this Website

The aim of this website is to encourage participation in the BCF, bringing in singers from outside the founding group. In its pages you will find information which describes our activity and the joy it brings us. This might encourage you to join us in singing great choral works or to point out the opportunity to someone whom you know loves singing. Please use the navigation bar above to explore.

Choir singing at Rehearsal. Conductor David Taylor

Verdi Requiem November 2013. Singing at rehearsal and later at the performance. Conductor David Taylor.

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