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BCF Concert in Brentwood Cathedral

On Saturday 10th March 2018, starting at 7pm, choirs and other singers associated with the BCF will perform two works, one composed by the master of opera, Rossini and one by the classical composer Haydn. Descriptions of these two works, and profiles of the two composers, are given in pages accessible through links on the menu bar immediately below this text. In the descriptions of the two works you will read how both these masters needed to scale down their style to suit circumstances of the time - Haydn because of changes in public musical taste and Rossini because, in his semi-retirement, he was composing for a smaller group of friends and musical associates, using limited resources.

Opera arias and organ solos will also be performed, their titles to be announced at the concert.

The choice of a date in March is unusual for Brentwood Choirs Festival events, November having been the traditional month since its inauguration in 1991. During a recent period of refurbishment and maintenance work at Brentwood Cathedral, other venues have had to be used by Brentwood based choirs, but now they can once again use the splendid Cathedral venue.

Tickets for this events can be obtained on-line using the following link Click for eventbrite online ticket service.

Jonathan Schranz Conductor Haydn Profile Rossini Profile Background to Works

BCF poster November  2013

If you are a member of participating choirs, or are a person who is supportive of their endevour, you might like to print and distribute posters. If so, please download a pdf version using this link. Pdf Version of Poster

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